Thursday, May 8, 2008


It has come to my attention that Google is coughing up Enemy/Ally nominations high in the rankings directly followed by the ANONYMOUS insult/compliment. These are not my rants or raves and were part of a larger project where people were invited to anonymously submit nominations and a brief rationale. If you find your name or reputation sullied by the the commentary of anonymous people (welcome to the blogsphere), please submit a request to to have your name removed from the art project and actively engage in censorship.

It's your option, sell out your ideals or protect your reputation from Google. Clearly, I have to offer the option, or I will be 'punched in the head' or threatened with litigation. Let's make it an ethical dilemma for everyone involved. Everyone will know I caved to the powerful, but I will know who censors art, which I take very seriously.

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