Friday, October 3, 2008


It’s a hard job because we don’t want to see all the shit that we are. The idea is that we are so full of contradictions and to accept all your contradictions is the most important thing to do in life. We all have one face we like to show, but the other faces are denied and they are all there screaming to get out.
-Marina Abramovic, The Brooklyn Rail, 2003, Interview with Delia Bajo and Brainard Carey

The above passage is a description of apprehending oneself in a mirror in the middle of a conversation or after reading a passage of a book, and Marina's interpretation of the event resonates with this project. I am not the author nor the speaker of the following rationales offered by anonymous participants in the nomination process, but the comments provided during an online survey reflect the sentiment that there are indeed faces denied screaming to get out, as well contradictory perceptions of individuals within and without the art world. The Enemy/Ally project is part of an art work made for Michael Waugh's 2008 show, Caucus, at Schroeder Romero Gallery. If you are offended by the language or the anonymous descriptions, please be advised that you are asking me to censor this work of art, however disagreeable you may find it. Again, I'm reminded of another quote I read by Marina Abramovic recently during research for a new project regarding performance art.

One of the most difficult things is to do things you are ashamed of.
-Marina Abramovic, 1996 interview with Kay Deepweel

William Powhida

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