Monday, January 7, 2008

More Nominations...


The man on Craig's List that will pay my rent if I let him massage my feet three times a week.

Tom Colicchio - for creating the craft empire and because I rely on daily 'wichcraft lunch deliveries.

Omar Lopez-Chahoud for spending so much time and energy on the shows of emerging artists.

Nancy Princenthal Smart, supportive, informed, always interested...

Mike Hoeh, writer, - for his honest insight and smart choices.

Bill Powhida. For the platform.

Dalai Lama not in NY (a great asset)

Tim White Sobieski- hardworking and talented artist

Saunder Jurriaans. He is an independent musician. He works hard, loves his girlfriend and is a really good friend.

Damien Hirst, for furrthering the conversation on intellectual property and celebrity with works that are smarter than he is.

Holland Cotter Triple Candie James Wagner David Cohen and James Kalm Joy Garnett Eric Doeringer Artbloggers who stir shit up (2nd time, not sure if it went through earlier)

Tom Moody, Joy Garnett, James Kalm, Eric Doeringer - and any other working artists operating under their own terms, apparently regardless of how it plays. David Cohen and Holland Cotter James Wagner - Generous to a fault. Righteous. Triple Candie

Tom Moody talks straight, even if you don't agree with him.

Thomas Nozkowski is a real artist.

Celso. For making the city prettier.

Celso. he's my husband, my friend, my partner-in-crime.

Mari Spirito - is there a nicer person in Chelsea?

Omar Lopez-Chahoud; because his show are about nothing and anyone can be in them.


The Senate- If they raise the price of a MetroCard.

Tom Colicchio - because I rely on daily 'wichcraft lunch deliveries and I need to crack the habit but I can't stop.

Patrick Mimran His billboards make me feel sick to my stomach every day when I am coming to work.

David Kiehl Super inflated ego maniac

Becky Smith, owner of Bellwether - do to her poor attitude every time I walk into her space. And her overwhelming bitchy persona.

Max Protetch Deluded fuckup. Return of the repressed. Sadist. Self satisfied prick. Whore.

Max Protetch passive aggressive egoist, self satisfied, failed architect, ass kisser, child molester, pulls the wings off flies

Sikkema Jenkins- total snobs

Andrew Krepps. He is a jerk. He has no gratitude and shows no courtesy towards anyone who doesn't show him the money.

Sallie Mae and her ilk for the siren call of doom.

Matthew Higgs - Hands-down the worst ally a struggling New York artist could have. He has made White Colums a joke.

Minus Spacers Matt & Rosanna are poseurs.

Jeffrey Deitch is a real asshole.

C-Monster. Ill-informed and Overrated. Make her stop!

C-Monster. I am my own worst enemy.

Since Javier Peres doesn't live in NY - John Connelly gets the de facto nomination simply because he shows so many of the same irrelevant and ridiculous artists.

Soon to be exiled again Pedro Velez; because anything he touches promptly turns into shit.


Pedro Velez said...

what the F, I don't live in NY. Am I really such a huge international art star? Thanks to the hater for keeping my name on the mix. You just made my day!

Anonymous said...

Regarding your comments on Max Protech. Bless you, you've made my day. And a more accurate description you could not have painted.