Friday, January 4, 2008


The Nomination process has begun. The following people and things have been nominated so far.

Lia Gangitano: The most ethical person in the art world.
Bronson Pinchot
The Rev. Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping: He's trying to wake the populace from their never ending consumeristic stupor.
Omar Lopez Chahoud, for hitting nearly every artist studio he''s asked to visit.
Mike Wilson - Artforum Editor and Critic - solid dude who likes black metal
The subway...honestly, it lets everyone in and doesnt judge you when you get too drunk.
Ban Ki-Moon, for trying, however ineffectually, to maintain some global comradery, cooperation and fairness.
Pearl Albino, without question the smartest, best person I know in the art business.
Thomas - because he is the worlds most famous artist assistant
Bloggers - unedited and unafraid, they keep the traditional media more honest.

Rudolph Giuliani,
attempt to cut arts funding to Brooklyn Museum for a show he had not seen.
Tom Sanford
Yakov Smirnoff
David Rockefeller:
This feeble old man wields so much political power and influence, and all he ever tries to do with it is to dissolve our countries boundries and to hoodwink the public into thinking this is good for them.
David Rockefeller: The proto-typical 'Mr.Burns' Character, except this one is nonfictionional folks! His hobby in the arts have distracted many hipsters to the unsatiable appetite for power this creature yeilds and continues to accumulate. His terrible taste and influence in the art world is infuriating; isn't global domination enough!
Terrence Koh and that little shit Javier Peres. Neither live in NY, but they are both so odious that their evil, like Bin Laden's, transcends geographical boundaries. Can't wait for the schadenfreude on these two.
Dash Snow - raging douchebag
Gavin Brown and his priveleged [sic] kids that get profiled in NY Magazine for no reason. He's a punk bitch and so are his kids.
Jeffrey Deitch, Too much money, but great suits
Hamster nests, there is no rationale
Art fair selection committee members - rarely have so few held so much undeserved power.

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