Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Nominees

Here are the newest nominations for your consideration. My personal favorite so far is the insightful nomination of a more nuanced position than this awful dichotomy and binary thinking. Shit, you know I had no idea that was what I was doing. I feel terrible and I really want a peaceful and positive future.

Honestly, if only our government applied such complex logic to foreign relations, maybe things would be different. I don't know, maybe this project might have something to do with that....hmmm.

Jeff Stark because without him, there would be a lotta weirdos running around in the "normal" bars and nightclubs bothering the finance types.
Holland Cotter: admirable. Has mastered the unforgiving art of productive criticism; I've never seen him bash someone out of personal moodiness, crass vengefulness, or just plain sloppy thinking. If there were academy awards for art critics...
Tzipporah Wexler: A fantastic Lower East Side Real Estate Broker. And a good person.
Edward Winkleman: Smart gallery, great blog, cute boyfriend, always picks up the check when he goes out for drinks.
Pierogi Gallery:
for giving under-represented artists a professional, yet off-beat, venue for selling their work.
through deciding to divide the world into good and
evil or enemies and allies you corner yourself into an
adversarial position where forgiveness is not an
option. From this position without the potential for
forgiveness there follows that there is no potential
for reconciliation and therefore no potential of
growth and a more positive and peaceful future.
Jack Shainman: possibily the nicest, most accomodating, and gratious dealer in Chelsea. Has a track record of presenting thoughtful group shows that are of Museum quality.
Lia Gangitano, Because she stays true to her heart and champions what's left of downtown
Rudy Guialiani. He has brought fame to NYC in his run for the presidency. He will fail, but that will not impact negatively on The Big Apple.
Marian Goodman. Who I want to be when I grow up.
any artist living in NY without a trust fund
SchroRoHo Girls
(just bring em' a jug)
Jerry Saltz because he balances out Bertha
The ladies from PPOW. They continue to do it their way and remain relevant.
Mark River -- he helps out.
Is this supposed to be most beloved/hated in the art world specifically? The nominees are mostly in the art world, but it's not clear that that's what you meant. Please clarify. Thanks.
-It's up to the caucus. -William
Chris Rywalt, for his naive, articulate, humorous, dogged and incisive reporting upon the Naked Emperor Syndrome in Chelsea.

Mayor Bloomberg--
because he thinks he's king and he's a republican and the mofo doesn't smoke.
Matthew Higgs: despicable. Don't we have enough Xtreme narcissists among us without them usurping platforms for emerging artists to self-promote? If he would volunteer for a round of "Hit the Geek" at Coney Island I might come around to him.
William Powhida: Bugger has never included me in his art. And I thought I was someone!!!
God -- no explanation necessary --
Bruce Ratner: for destroying affordable housing while pretending to create affordable housing, fomenting racial tension for financial gain, and destroying viable neighborhoods and historic buildings.
David Ross: A prime example of a puffed-up artworld personality that really has nothing significant to contribute to the world.
Tony Marshall - 'cos he was really mean to his mother, Brooke Astor, and stiffed the Metropolitan Museum out of a $10 million bequest (from his mother)
Roger Clemems. He is either a dopie or a liar, or maybe both, or he has made a liar out of the Mets' trainer. He has brought shame to the fabled Yankees
Jeffrey Deitch. The Devil in horn rims.
Sheri fuck bitch whore cunt ... naaaaaaaaddddddddaaaaaaaaa
Scoop-ur (aka Scope) and/or any circuit fair
Hugh Grant (aka art consultants who wear all kakhi pants all the time) and hang out with peacocks
NADA For making people feel like they are back in high school and are part of the loser crowd.
Tom Moody -- he has ridiculous opinions.
Joao Ribas, for vacuous pretension, baseless elitism, and stomach-churningly bad curating. Also, his blog is the most boring thing on the planet.

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