Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Even More Nominations


Eric Doeringer
: For quietly reimagining the life of an artist, and for inventing a new model for the 21st century. And for the shit stream.

Everyone at CRG Gallery: possibly the nicest gallery crew around.

Ed Winkleman; He thoughtfully considers other peoples' opinions ... pretty fucking rare in the art world.

Rupert Ravens for showing raw edgy work in Newark without snide pretentious Chelsea attitude. (2o min. on the Path.)

Five newer LES galleries: Sunday, Thierry Goldberg, Luxe, Amy Smith Stewart, 31 Grand. Modest, committed, friendly. The real deal.

The Pink Bunny in front of Gagosian. Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Steven Kaplan Hold your head high, guy.

The Obama/Clinton ticket? The time has come today. All eyes on NH.

Robert Curcio modest, smart, a mensch

Vanessa Buia You go girl!

Ed Winkelmann "Everybody doesn't like something, but nobody doesn't like EW".

Lollipop Lollipop If you can't lick em, join em. edit

The Swivel Sweeper Clean Dirt Faster and Easier with the Swivel Sweeper

Steven Kaplan a hidden jewel. his persecutors must all be eliminated.

Christopher Henry the little engine that could

My Left Foot Vive le difference!

Megan and Heather of 31 Grand Hoorah!

the Met Museum- for it's knights in Armour

dan cameron- he cares about art and artists he's a human being.

John Connelly, because he has the "eye" for good art and his gallery is the only one worth visiting in that block/27ST. He doesn't need a blog to create hype or politics to sell art.

Jerry Saltz, for taking on MoMA for its sexism.

William Powhida, because he's really brave and that's rare Heather Stephens and Megan

Bush at 31 Grand. For fighting the good fight, and doing it with charm, grace, intelligence, and lack of pretension. Good ol' gals.

Barack Obama as Fela said thirty years ago: Black President


Richard Beckman, Conde Nast Corp VP (or some title like that), for destroying so many lives with his anger, viciousness and steamrolling ego. At the very least, he broke a female salesperson's nose!

Rudy: Among other things, 'we will never forget' what you tried to do to the Brooklyn museum.

The whole lower East Side artist "Crap-Pack" that gets the Viagra erections going of the older collectors, museum trustees and, and exhibition space decorators (UM, curators) at same museums: Terrence Koh, Dan Colen, Dash Snow, Nate Lowman, Ryan McGinley. Oh, add TEAM gallery to that list of A-holes as well.

The Horts. They believe only the opinions of powerful people.

the L train relentless evangalist -8am in the morning crowded enough dont need jesus also.

Sculpture Center for featuring cold, sanitized, emotionless art.

Max Protetch and his flunkies. Bad character. Bad gallery. Uptight, vindictive, self important, morally bankrupt. Hateful. All fucking douche bags.

*** ******** of ******** Noxious ass kisser. Coke head. Curries favor with power, shits on subordinates. Dirtbag.

Mike Weiss "A frog with pubic hair". Wish I had come up with it.

Marc Glimcher Abusive prick. Needs to consult his daddy's shrink. Same anger management problems. Must be genetic.

Klaus Biesenbach The omnipresent, the unctuous, the insufferable diva. He needs to change the springs on his casting couch for young gay artists. They are worn out from wear.

Tracy Williams and Andrea Rosen wouldn't cross the street to piss on either


Ann Collier Photographer. Wife of the Higgs, to whom she owes her "career". Nasty when drunk, and can never hold her liquor.

******* ****, **** Meanie must die

Lisa Phillips her will to power just makes me puke. also, she knows how to hold a grudge.

Anne Pasternak of Creative Time not the sharpest tool in the shed, to be sure.

******* **** snob, idiot, **** ******, all the worst aspects of PR wrapped up in one aggressive, supercilious faggot bundle

Max Protetch virulent scumbag, mindless fuck, flatulent jerk, where does he get off?

David Hunt- everyone knows why, yet you still let him curate for you. Becky from bellwether- because shes' a self hating meanie. Jerry Saltz- for his insistence on writing about how young the artists he likes are, then slamming the P.S.1 gny2 show for following his example. for saying that john currin is "a genius" yet somehow lee bontecou is "repetitive"...c'mon jerry! and lastly, jerry saltz again, for killing jeremy blake and theresa duncan.

jerry saltz- he writes about- sex, drugs, rock n' roll, youth, and the goyem in general.- these are five things he knows NOTHING about. all his writing makes me feel like i'm back in high school. i picture him in the sandbox in elementary school, with no one to play with. and we give him the power.

NYFA, because it is the Welfare of bad artists.

Wiliam Powhida, for hiding behind the pseudonym of “Keane” to smear those he’d never have the nerve to do to using his own name—sort of sleazy. No, not sort of.

Rudolph Giuliani because the rest of the country doesn't know how much he sucks and that pisses me off

Ana Finel Honigman Aside from the hypocrisy and back biting, because she thinks she's hot, and she's not. You like London bitch? Stay there.

The girls with the clipboard at Petzel. You know who you are, cunts.

Fuck Max Protetch and all his douchebag enablers. Most of all George "Cuntface" Wong. Fop, backbiter, effete asshole, coward, anus of the universe.


Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear,for coming out with this.I certainly wish that Ana Finel whatever would ditch the fur thingy,not so sure about Ed W,cuz I enjoy charlies rants about him...but it's nice,in any case ,to have you there.kudos and encouragement.

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